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Hendon Facts and Figures

Key Facts, Figures and Statistics
The East End and Hendon contains around 10400 residents, 4000 households. The area borders the City Centre, runs along the river from The Port on the coast into Grangetown. It is a mixed area of new housing alongside areas of severe deprivation. The area has seen a lot of changes in recent years, still suffers from high crime and high unemployment plus a lack of facilities but also has a reputation for working together as a community; the recent £54m Back on the Map project is very welcome example of the community working together to tackle problems.

City Council Statistics
The Council has a broad range of regularly updated statistics. Lots of the information the Council produces has specific data on Hendon and the East End. The Council also produce City wide and Tyne and Wear statistics.

Key Council statistics, | Business Land and Developments, Census, | Education, | Employment Statistics, | House building, | Indices of Deprivation 2000, Population, Road Casualty Statistics, | Sunderland Fact Card 2002, | Tyne and Wear Fact Card 2002, | Unemployment Statistics

Office of National Statistics
The ONS produce a very useful series of Neighbourhood statistics on Council Wards. Click on the link and click on the NE region on the map then enter Sunderland and you can see key population, employment and other statistics for the City's Wards including the Hendon Ward. 
Office of National Statistics

Travel in the City
This City Council site contains news and information on road works, bus and metro travel and a lot more including travel locally.

Travel in the City

Articles by Local Residents
This part of the site contains articles, poems and stories written by local residents.

Eastwise contains a wealth of local stories and articles. It is an invaluable source of news on The East End and Hendon. Eastwise would be delighted  to accept articles from any local resident.

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