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Welcome to Youthnet

toddlers 0-7
Toddlers 0-7

Kids 7-11

Teens 12-15
young adults
Young Adults 16+

Do you work with kids, are you a kid? Send us information about the work you do or your favourite sites and we will ad it to Youthnet. Our email is coi@sunderland.gov.uk The site is broken into four main section, Toddlers 0-7, Kids 7-11 years, Kids 12-15 years and Young Adults. Each section contains information on a hole range of subjects which will help that age group. Subjects covered are fun and games, transport, homework help, relationships and much more.

There is a parents page, featuring some useful links for the grown ups, and also a link to the main City of Sunderland web site. The search box on the left menu will help you find anything on this site.

click here ot visit Hetton School web siteYouthnet is part of the City of Sunderland's Communities of Interest Project (COI). Content is maintained by the website club form Hetton School.

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