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Youthnet for 12-15 year olds

Oioi this is Matty and Bezzy we are looking after this page aimed at 12 to 15 year olds in Sunderland. If you would like to send us any ideas or information please email us on coi@sunderland.gov.uk

Mattys emotions Matty's emotions                              bezzy rocking on the decks Bezzy rocking on the decks

no content value The site presents a really cool mix of information, entertainment news and features that all samung mobile phoneteenagers in school will find invaluable such as.

  • Travel in Sunderland
  • Teentastic advice
  • BBC Kids
  • The Buzz Newsletter
  • Homework help
  • Perfect present picker

These topics and many more can be found by clicking the links on the left of this page. The site will be updated on a regular basis so don't forget to come back and discover our new stuff.

Enjoy the site and please let us know if there is anything you would like to contribute or anything you would like us to add.

 Hot Fuzz  

nicholas angel from hot fuzz Plot : Nicholas Angel is the finest cop London has to offer, with an arrest record 400% higher than any other officer on the force. He's so good, he makes everyone else look bad. As a result, Angel's superiors send him to a place where his talents won't be quite so embarrassing - the sleepy and seemingly crime-free village of Sandford. Once there, he is partnered with the well-meaning but overeager police officer Danny Butterman.

The son of amiable Police Chief Frank Butterman, Danny is a huge action movie fan and believes his new big-city partner might just be a real-life "bad boy," and his chance to experience the life of gunfights and car chases he so longs for. Angel is quick to dismiss this as childish fantasy and Danny's puppy-like enthusiasm only adds to Angel's growing frustration. However, as a series of grisly accidents rocks the village, Angel is convinced that Sandford is not what it seems and as the intrigue deepens, Danny's dreams of explosive, high-octane, car-chasing, gun fighting, all-out action seem more and more like a reality. It's time for these small-town cops to break out some big-city justice.

Mr Beans Holiday

mr bean

IT’S been 10 years since Rowan Atkinson took his Mr Bean character into cinemas for Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie. But even he admits that not everything was right about it.

There was too much talking for starters, while the whole endeavour was tailored towards mainstream audiences and American sensibilities. Mr Bean’s Holiday, the belated sequel, attempts to go back to the origins of the character and relies more on silent comedy. But it’s still a hit-and-miss affair.

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