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Hi, my name is Rachel.  I look after this part of Youth-Net. If you have any ideas or comments, send an email to coi@sunderland.gov.uk

I'm also running a little riddle of sorts - prize is only bragging rights but if you ask nicely I might give you a (virtual) bar of chocolate.

Here's the riddle then (be warned, it's very hard!)

Two legs comes in with one leg,

Places one leg on three legs,

Two legs leaves, four legs enters and picks up one leg

Two legs return and throw three legs at four legs

Four legs drops one leg and two legs gets one leg back.

Send answers into the email address above.

Quick links

Arts and culture | Children and young people's organisations |Community | Consumers | Education and jobs | Environment and wildlife | Families | Health | Homework help | Money | Safety | Sport

a picture of inside of a cinema                                        Cinema and Theatre Listings

Many people like to go to the cinema or the theatre at this time of year! See the listings at the

following sites:

UCG Cinemas

Empire Cinemas

Sunderland Empire Theater

Royalty Theatre

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Arts and culture

Artist's Pallete Cake Culture Online
Creating new artistic and cultural projects for children and adults, as well as new material for schools.

National Virtual Museum
Find out about the museums, galleries and heritage attractions across the UK, as well as the 24 hour museum section and activities for children and young people. Also tips on how to make a museum in a classroom.

International arts projects
Visiting Arts is a national agency for promoting international arts into the UK and for developing cultural links with other countries.

Government Art Collection
Look at works of art from the collection that are housed in major British government buildings in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Winter Gardens in Sunderland

An interactive art centre with a large garden to the rear.

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Children and young people's organisations

Free guidance and support for 13 to 19 year olds.

UK Youth Parliament | British Youth Council

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Charity Commission
See a full list of charities and good causes.


Crime Prevention

Have you got a problem with crime in your area,  this website gives you tips on how to deal with it.

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Consumer gateway
People who buy and use products are 'consumers'. Bought faulty goods? Know your rights? If not, go to the one stop shop on consumer information and rights. Advice on shopping, buying a car or going on holiday.

Trading standards central - Consumer rights information

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Education and Jobs

Graduation Cap Your choices at 16

Information and advice on work, training and travel.

Looking for a job
You can search from more than 400,000 jobs in Great Britain and Europe, and find out more about hundreds of careers.

Another Job website

This website is a large website with over 375,000 jobs.

It's your choice
Help for 13 to 19 year olds on making choices like choosing a course, finding a job or deciding on a career.

After 16?
Choices and challenges for young disabled people

Aim Higher
A project to help you make important choices about your future, including information about college and careers. The programme used to be called the Excellence Challenge.

Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted)
Find out how your school did in its last inspection or how well a college you are considering applying to is doing.

GCSE support

Are you stressed with GSCE revision?  This website helps revision to be easier.

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Global warming

Advice and tips on how you can help save the planet.

World Wildlife Fund

The WWF (not to be confused with wrestling!) is concerned with endangered animals.


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Parents Online
Interactive site to use with your parents, including website builder, competitions and an agony aunt.

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Homework Help
Homework Help

BBC GCSE Bitesize

If you need help with your GSCE revision, just go here and you can chop it into bitesized pieces! (Sorry, awful pun!)

BBC Revision Home

Alternatively, you could go here, which has many revision minisites.



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Red Box

Fun ways to find out how the government spends money on public services and a chance to have a go online. The site is also available in Welsh. Find out what it is like to be Chancellor.

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Don't suffer in silence - advice on how to get help.

Road safety for teenagers

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Information on what the government is doing for sport | British Olympic Association

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SyringeWired for Health
This site is aimed at giving young people access to the information they need to make decisions about their health.

Talk to Frank - 0800 77 66 00
Ring this confidential helpline for advice on how to deal with a problem with drugs. Its website gives information on how to spot drugs and the risks of taking them.

Know the score, Scotland 0800 587 5879
You'll get the facts the way you want them - blunt, direct and no nonsense. The site also gives easy to follow info on the potential harmful effects of drugs and tells you the facts that you may not have heard from your friends.


BBC Webcams

This link will take you to many great webcams, including one watching Durham Cathedral and there's also one watching the Sunderland Aquatic Center as it's being built.

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