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Kids Organisations in Sunderland

Logo: City of Sunderland. Tel.(0191) 553 1000City of Sunderland Council
The City Council runs and works with lots of local organisations kids might be interested in. Take a look at the selection below. Click here to view the A-Z of services.

UCA - Urban Community Artists

urban community artists

UCA - Urban Community Artists are a group dedicated to creating murals through the use of spray paint. The art we produce is often referred to as "graffiti art" "spraycan art" "street art" and "graphic art" but sometimes the label does not really describe the product as can bee seen in the example here.

We currently have members who have over 15 years experience in painting murals and over the years our members have painted for such organisations as the BBC, most of the region's Local Authorities, The Sunderland Echo, various Community Groups and Associations, private commissions and at Art shows across the region and the country.


We will happily consider any invitation to paint either as a commission or, in certain circumstances, for expenses only or even no fee. We especially appreciate the chance to paint within a community-based context.

Our work is popular with young people but we regularly receive favourable comments from people of all ages who see our work.


If you would like to contact us, please do so at: ucasunderland@yahoo.com

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