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Toddlers 0-7

Hello our names are Philippa and Bethany.We look after this part of the youthnet website.If you have any ideas or would like to add content to this part of the site please e-mail them to coi@sunderland.gov.uk

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Need free time? click here to find contacts for play groups in Hetton and Moorsley.

Want to keep the kids amused, while also educating them at the same time? Click here.

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SureStart is a Government funded initiative which brings together the people of the community, in partnership with voluntary groups and statutory agencies to develop projects, which will improve the health, education and well-being of families with children under four years old, so that these children will be ready to thrive when they go to school.

SureStart local programmes work with parents and parents-to-be to improve children's life chances through better access to:

  • Family support
  • Advice on nurturing
  • Health services
  • Early learning

SureStart in Libraries
There are seven SureStart programmes in the City of Sunderland

SureStart Strategic Team
Hetton House
Park View
Tel (0191) 5209203

SureStart Sunderland North West
The Cabin
Cheltenham Road
Tel (0191) 5164080

SureStart Sunderland - Thornly Close
Thorney Close Action and Enterprise Centre
120 Thorndale Road
Tel (0191) 553412

SureStart Monument
7 Westbourne Terrace
Shiney Row
Tel (0191) 3851800

SureStart North Washington
Rainbow Family Centre
34 Elliott Terrace
Tel (0191) 2193995

SureStart Ford
Old Felstead School
Fordfield Road
Ford Estate
Tel (0191) 5658607

SureStart Greater Southwick
29 Ridley Street
Tel (0191) 5492631

SureStart Hetton/Houghton
Hetton House
Park View
Tel (0191) 5209200

All SureStart programmes hold events in libraries throughout the year, these include story times, craft sessions and special events.  Contact the Early Years Librarian at your local SureStart Programme for further details.


More Information
Information about SureStart and what is currently available nationally can be obtained from: www.surestart.gov.uk/

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